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Justine Andrade is a grammar enthusiast who much rather would be in the classroom than on summer vacation. Her interests include listening to loud music, driving with the windows down in the winter, getting lost with the intention of finding adventures, cheating at Mortal Kombat, and teaching teenagers how to properly punctuate their sentences and – if necessary – to split their infinitives for the sake of creativity.

Justine contributed the story ‘Faulty’ to The Last Post.


Duncan Atkinson is a struggling chemist from Bristol, UK, and the author of that story with Anne Frank and the She-Wolves, written as “Danny Barefoot”. He finds that tragic stories are a lot more useful and easy to write than positive ones, but would like some happiness as well, perhaps a little more time to write, and a lot more of God around in his world.

Duncan contributed the stories ‘Pheidippides’ and ‘Death by Internet’ to The Last Post, and ‘Motherland’ to The Family Way.


Laurie Blauner is the author of six books of poetry, three novels, and a novella. She received an M.F.A. from the University of Montana. She has also been the recipient of several grants and awards including an N.E.A., Seattle Arts Commission, King County Arts Commission, 4Culture, and a Gap Grant. Her work has appeared in The NationThe New RepublicThe Georgia Review, and many other magazines. A poetry chapbook was recently published by dancing girl press and a new novel called The Bohemians was recently published by Black Heron Press. Her web site is www.laurieblauner.com.

Laurie contributed the story ‘Earl’ to The Family Way.


Christopher Cavill, when not seen astride his scooter, draws illustrations for various literature, listens to the heaviest rockabilly and occasionally blogs. See his stuff atwww.cloudpine451.blogspot.co.uk.

Christopher provided the illustrations for The Last Post and The Boy, and the graphic story ‘Silvy’s Storm’ for The Family Way.


Kristina Dolce was born to wealthy parents in 1922, engaged to an old-world European count, and later kidnapped under mysterious circumstances. She has never been seen again.

Kristina contributed the story ‘Alarms’ to The Last Post.


As a child, Darren Everett was often berated for telling tales out of school. Now he’s a systems administrator for his local council. He hasn’t been accused of telling tales out of work yet, but that’s only because he writes them down when no-one’s looking.

He lives in the south of England with a wife, a son, a dog, and lots and lots of Doctor Who toys.

Darren co-edited The Last Post and contributed the story ‘Past, Lost’; he also co-editedThe Family Way and contributed the stories ‘Straying from the Way’ and ‘The Air at Knightsteed’.


After graduating with a degree in Scottish History, Nicholas Goodrick settled in Edinburgh, where he now spends most of his time setting himself ridiculous challenges. Check out his progress and suggest new challenges athttp://nicktroptopolis.wordpress.com.

Nicholas contributed the story ‘Elizabeth’ to The Family Way.


Meghan M Hawkes is a writer, freelance illustrator, shameless book-addict, and history enthusiast. When she is not pretending to live in the Golden Age of Sail, she spends entirely too much time on the internet. Feel free to view some of her other work atwww.meghanhawkesillustration.com.

Meghan contributed the story ‘Vale of Years’ to The Last Post; she also illustrated The Family Way and contributed the story ‘Behind a Thousand Ships’.


Brianna Heath is a PhD student in Pittsburgh, PA, although she is originally from a small town in Northern California. She spends her days at a microscope and her evenings writing mini-stories and blogging about everything in the world.

Brianna contributed the stories ‘We Were Here’, ‘Endless’ and ‘Home’ to The Last Post.


Raphael Kabo loves words. He hunts for them in the streets of dream cities, shouts them into microphones, and argues with them in notebooks until they turn into stories. Raphael’s words took him to the 2010 Australian National Poetry Slam finals and the 2012 National Folk Festival, and have now landed him on the banks of the Thames, where he hopes to write many a strange tale and read many a twisty poem.

Raphael contributed the story ‘Arabeth’ to The Last Post and ‘Snow’ to The Family Way.


Peter Kendell has been writing stories all his life, mostly when he’s supposed to be doing something else. You can find his website at www.cereswunderkind.net.

Peter lives with FW and Minor in the south-east of England, where he works as an engineering consultant. Although he usually kills any plant he touches – not intentionally, it just happens – this year he has been notably successful with his geraniums.

Peter co-edited The Last Post and contributed the stories ‘The Island’, ‘Bogey Gets a Job’, ‘Mending Fences’ and ‘No Known Grave’. He is author of the short story collectionThe Boy, and he co-edited The Family Way and contributed the stories ‘Samantha’, ‘Ben’, ‘Iris’ and ‘Endangered Species’.


Rosalind Mitchell lives on an island in South Cumbria with a white-and-black cat called Tosca. When she’s not writing she makes jewellery, plays crown-green bowls, watches classic films and walks for hours along the beach. She thrives on Sibelius and gin.

Rosalind contributed the story ‘The Lost Girls’ to The Family Way.


Simon Plumley lives on a small island and wrote most of his story whilst at sea moving there. One day he hopes to reach the stars and this journey should provide enough time to write a much longer novel. He loves his new family, astronomy, creative photography, taking his boat out to sea, and having fun around the beaches of the south coast of England. You can find his website at www.eternity-images.com.

Simon designed the cover and contributed the story ‘The Letter’ to The Last Post.


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